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About Cheese O' Tea

Cheese O’Tea was established in April 1, 2019 to be a local premium cheese tea brand. Our product is mainly specialized at cheese foam tea and fruit tea which is currently popular in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China. Since Cheese O’Tea is specialized at cheese foam topping, we add the word ‘Cheese’ first in our name. We choose O' from O’ clock to make people remember to drink tea at every tea time.

We Serve with Love!Mascot

We serve with Love!

Everything’s peachy!

Whoelse doesn’t like the aromatic sweet scent of the peaches, right?
So, let’s introduce all the peachy drinks available on our menu.

Everything’s peachy!

👉🏻 The flowery and fruity taste from the peach tea fused with cheese foam is a drink for those who prefer a light beverage. Make your mood lighten up with our Peach Cheezo Drink! 🤩

👉🏻 The second peach member is known as Crystal Peach Tea which contains Crystal Jelly. So every time you sip the drink, you will get to eat springy and bouncy jelly pieces. The sweet aroma of the peach will definitely make your day refreshing. 😊

👉🏻 One final peach drink called Premium Peach Cheezo will make you feel like you have been in a peach farm. This cheezo drink has a creamy texture with a sweetness and floral taste of the delicious peach, complemented perfectly by cheese foam and jelly bits in a 700ml cup. 😋

So what about you guys, Crystal Peach Tea, Peach Cheezo or Premium Peach Cheezo? Make up your mind and choose ONE or may be ALL the peach drinks! 💁

Toasty and Cheesy

Toasty and Cheesy

No one could deny a drink crafted with the sweet scent of the milk tea with the roasted brown sugar cheese layer.

This combination of delicious brown sugar and fresh milk in the right proportion, and topped with a toasted brown sugar cheese layer is one of the drinks that is SUPER tempting to drink it again and again.

Moreover, chewy and stretchy boba will bring your milk tea drinking experience to perfection.

Toasty and Cheesy

A Match Made from Heaven

Let’s introduce one signature drink that would be suitable for all.

A match made from heaven

Yeah, I mean all!! Even the health freaks are included. That is called Strawberry Yogurt, which is perfect for health and immune systems... 🥰

🍓🍓 Strawberries which are rich in vitamin C, will not only strengthen the iron absorption but also enhance the skin moisture and brighten the skin. 🍓

🥛 And, the yogurt contains probiotic, which contributes to the development of good bacteria for the body. 🥛

🍓🍓 As usual, Cheese O’Tea is committed to providing the best drinks by using the best quality ingredients. Thus, in order to meet our high quality standards, each strawberry used in the drinks is selectively chosen at peak ripeness. 🍓🍓

Straw to My Berry Series

Strawberries are loaded with antioxidants, vitamin C and fiber.
Thus, we would like to announce our strawberry collections which are good for health. 🍓🍓🍓

Straw to My Berry Series

🍓 The Strawberry Yogurt which can also be called the classic drink of all time. This creamy drink of the strawberry and yogurt is not only good for health benefits but also delicious.

🍓 This addictive cheesy and creamy Strawberry Cheezo would satisfy the taste buds of strawberry and cheesy lovers.

🍓 Messy Strawberry is for those who love milk and strawberry. You get to taste the freshness of the milk with real chunks of strawberry in every sip that you take.

I hope these combinations satisfy all your strawberry drinks cravings!!

Straw to My Berry Series

For Milk Tea Enthusiasts

For Milk Tea Enthusiasts

These one-of-a-kind brown sugar Family drinks have everything you want in a brown sugar milk tea. 🥰 The sweet scent of the milk tea with the pleasant caramelized aroma of the brown sugar will give super-smooth flavour to all bubble tea lovers. 💓 The well-cooked and chewy boba will add extra tastiness to these brown sugar drinks!

So without further ado, let us introduce our Brown Sugar Family members. 🙆🏼
✔ Brown sugar pearl milk
✔ Brown sugar milk tea
✔ Brown sugar pearl matcha
✔ Brown sugar pearl chocolate

Now you wanna drink one of these drinks, right? Just scroll down to the bottom of the page and order via one of our partner food delivery apps. 😘

Let Your Day Shine with Fruit Tea

Have you tasted the Fruit tea?

Let Your Day Shine with Fruit Tea

Well. you are gonna be refreshed all day with these drinks made with fresh fruits.
Currently, there are two options, Grapefruit Tea and Passion Lime Fruit Tea. Every sip of these icy and fruity drinks are delectable and look no further if you wanna boost your energy!

Let Your Day Shine with Fruit Tea

Perfect Way to Drink Cheezo Fruit Tea

Hey Cheezos, lets us share a tip with you guys. 💁

Perfect Way to Drink Cheezo Fruit Tea

First let me know whether you are still drinking Strawberry Cheezo with a straw? Or do you think it's best to drink Strawberry Cheezo with a straw? Nope. It is not the best way. 🙅

So should you mix Cheese foam and Strawberry at the same time? No, no. 🙅

Let me tell you the best way; open the red heart-shaped lid, slightly tilt the cup for about 45 degrees, and sip the tea. You will get the taste of both the cheese foam and the strawberry.

Try this method and let us know what you think. 😃

Make Your Day Better with Choco Island

Hey, do you agree that dark chocolate🍫 and cheese🧀 always work best together?

Make Your Day Better with Choco Island

Well, let us prove this saying with our signature drink, Choco Island. Inspire your taste bud with the rich flavour of chocolate and a slight salty and sweet taste of cheese foam. 😊

This drink is also topped with Cocoa Krispies on the surface like an island. Cocoa Krispies are not nutritious but also contain vitamin B Complex and Zinc which are suitable for health. ⚡

A cup of this Cocoa Island is so filling that you will feel full longer and also energize for the whole day!! 😉

Make Your Day Better with Choco Island

Our Stores

You can find us at these places!


Nawaday Branch

Dagon Township

Nawaday Branch: 9/A, Nawaday Street, Dagon Township

Phone Number: 09 770002923


Kabaraye Branch (Pet Friendly)

Kamayut Township

Kabaraye Branch: No.1/A, Kabaraye Pagoda Street, (Inside Puppy Paradise Building)

Phone Number: 09 660066966

Myanmar Plaza

Myanmar Plaza Branch

Yankin Township

Myanamr Plaza Branch: Food City, 3rd Floor, Myanmar Plaza

Phone Number: 09 752958480

City Mall

City Mall Branch

Dagon Township

City Mall Branch: 3rd Floor, in front of JCGV, St. John City Mall

Phone Number: 09 761807100

Junction City

Junction City branch

Kamayut Township

City Mall Branch: Junction City 4th floor, Near Sony Showroom & Jo Jo Hot Pot.

Phone Number: 09 880242489

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